The Side Hustle: How To Make More Money

The Side Hustle.  Another job in addition to all your other duties in order to make more money.  You may be making more money in the short term for a special occasion.  The side hustle is a perfect way to speed up your debt free journey.  You might be a mom who wants to spend more time with your children and wants money for all the extras.  Or, you may need to supplement your families income because you can’t make ends meet otherwise.

Here are some great ideas for a side hustle:

I have two friends who are in direct market sales.  Direct market sales could be skincare, candles, bags and purses, environmentally friendly cleaning products, makeup, to name a few.  When you sign up to become a consultant for these companies, you purchase a start-up kit and use this to sell the products out of people’s homes or events.  It is like the old Tupperware parties.  A bunch of people gather and have snacks and drinks, socialize and order great products.  You can then recruit other people to sell under you to create your team.

Direct Sales

My friend is involved with a direct sales company and has been for almost four years.  She has 150 people on her team and works about 60 hours a month making about $4500-$5000 a month.  As a new consultant, if you are motivated, you could make $25-$30,000 your first year.

I have another friend who also has a direct marketing side hustle.  She has been doing it for five years, and she has a team of 90 under her.  She works about 40 hours a month and makes about $1,000 in that month.  As a new consultant, you could make that, quickly.  Her company offers a lot of new incentives including free products to build up your stock or use for yourself.

What about lawn care?

I know someone who wanted to make some money to pay for his wedding, so he started mowing, raking, and weeding other peoples yards.  He brings in a couple of hundred dollars a week during the good weather.  And he is still doing it, even after the wedding!

What about babysitting or being a personal assistant to the elderly or disabled person a couple of times a week?  That could bring in $100 a week.

My husband is an incredible artist.  For years he has done pinstriping on cars and painting signs. He was good at it and was able to make a little extra income on the weekends. (I think he should start again – for the love of the art)

How About A Blog?

How about starting a blog?  Did you know you could make money writing a blog?  At the top of my menu, I have an entire write up about all the steps you can take to make money writing a blog.  Including links to everything, I found helpful.  One could spend 10 hours a week writing and easily make $1,000 a month.  It is not hard to get started!  A tutorial about how I did it is coming soon.

How would an extra $500 to $1000 affect you and your family?  Would it mean getting out of debt faster or paying cash for a once in a lifetime vacation?  Maybe it would just be a stress relief to the monthly budget.  No matter what your reasons, The side hustle can be a great way to increase your income and maybe have a little fun putting your hobbies to work for you!








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