Pretty Little Paper System

There are things that I want to write about that don’t have a direct correlation to a Spending Freeze. Rather an indirect relationship.  A spending freeze is about saving and spending money.  Money is about personal finance.  Personal finance leads to knowing where everything is going.  Knowing where everything is going is easier when you have organized records.  Having a place to put those documents in an organized fashion brings us to an organized file system!!!

(See how I did that?)

These file folders have been in my basement for months and I finally decided to get it done!

Quick story: About 18 years ago, I read a book (I don’t even remember what the book was) about getting your stuff organized and decided to get all my files in order.  The author went through all the files you needed to have and exactly what categories were needed.  We had this desk with a file drawer at the bottom, so I set out to create a space for management.  It was a thing of beauty…for about five days!  And then, my first baby, a little over a year old, decided he needed to implement a much better system. He proceeded to pull out every single piece of paper in about 20 seconds!  I was so discouraged!  I stuffed everything back in that drawer and there it sat until last week.  We haven’t had that desk for almost 16 years but the drawer was still with us!  Bye, old pressed board drawer!  You have been replaced with a new, pretty aqua box!

Once the office is done upstairs, I will purchase a proper file cabinet but for right now, I really needed a neat, temporary solution.  A $10 box at Staples was purchased the same time the file folders were ordered from Amazon after Christmas.

Last week, I brought everything into the kitchen and started to process all that paperwork.  I had the hanging folders, the file folders, the box and the trusty label maker.  I watched a youtube video on exactly what files I needed and I made a list.

I got started…and then, 3/4 of the way through, my label maker ran out of tape!  For the love of all things organized and pretty!!!!

UGH!!!  I had back up, didn’t I?  Of course, I had back up…I didn’t have back up.  I had a clear tape cartridge but I had started with white tape.  I couldn’t finish with a different color tape!!  Then it would not all be the same!  And that just would not do!

I was able to practice self-control and did not run, right then and there, to Stapes to get more.  I waited the two days until I was headed out anyway.  After purchasing the tape at almost $28, I was mortified that it cost me that much.  So, I headed to Amazon and found I could get 6 of them for less than I paid for one.  SIX!!!  Sweet Niblets, Green Giant!!!!  What was this??? I ordered them from ‘The Great A’ and packed up the other to take back!!  Again…more waiting.

I am happy to report that the delivery was made yesterday and the file box is completed!

Thanks for holding in there through my very long-winded story.  Let me tell you my categories and subcategories.

Personal.  In this file, I have a folder for each person in my family.  This houses birth certificates and social security cards.

Auto.  A folder for each of our vehicles which includes cars, truck, camper, boat, motorcycle, snowmobile….(insert eye roll).  Each folder includes a copy of insurance card, registration, title, and any maintenance records we may have.

Financial.  Folders for retirement and mortgage.

Boys.  I have a file for each of my boys with folders for things that pertain specifically to each of them.

House.  Includes folders for warranties, taxes, and misc.

Insurance.  Health, home, and auto insurance folders found here.

Bellbrook. That file is anything pertaining to camp.

Old Taxes.  About five years worth.

Legal Documents.  Folders for deeds, will, and marriage license.

Pay Stubs.  A file for Husband’s pay stubs.  A folder for each of the past two years.


How is your system set up?  Are they out of control or nonexistent? If you needed to find an important document, could you put your hands on it or would it take you hours, days, or weeks to locate it?







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  1. blank

    I’ve actually taken the time to fold my laundry! Hahahaha. And put it away.

    It’s so refreshing.

  2. blank

    Our system is in pretty good shape. It’s a 2-drawer filing cabinet and I periodically purge outdated things. When we down-size, I plan to get rid of more of it, and transfer it into a portable hanging file system like you have. Part of that will be distributing things to grown kids for them to store!

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