Don’t Quit Your Debt Free Daydream

What do you daydream about?  When you have a few minutes at the red light, and you let your mind wander about something not pressing like the kid’s science project due tomorrow, what do you allow yourself dream about?

Do you ever give yourself permission to dream?

What do you need to accomplish those dreams?  What could you achieve I you had no debt?  None.  Zero.  What could you do if you didn’t owe anyone anything? Do you have a debt free daydream?  What is it?

Take a quick minute to write down how much you pay every month for payments. Reall quick.  Not a lot of thought.  Just the big ones.

This Is Normal

Mortgage $1300

Car Lease $345

Truck Payment $480

Camper $200

Credit Cards at least $200

Daughter’s Flute $75

Son’sBraces $135

That totals $2,535 a month or over $30,000 a year.  That’s a full-time job someone is working to pay for all that stuff!!

Are you buying your daydream or are you buying a fantasy?

Recently, I read an email from Sarah (Diamonds and Denim) a fellow blogger about how people spend their money. She was talking about Advertising and Marketing.  Sarah said that Marketing creates a fantasy for buyers and that they are buying into the romance and not the odds.  So, if you are looking at a face cream, are you buying the hope of looking ten years younger or are you thinking that odds are, this face cream will protect your skin? When you spend money on something, are you buying into the dreams or fantasies?  What if you didn’t owe anyone anything and you had no debt?  What would that dream look like?  What would you do with all that money?

Here’s my debt free daydream:

I can picture it so vividly. It’s a lakehouse surrounded by trees.  I walk out the front door onto a small deck with enough room for a table on one end and a couple rocking chairs on the other complete with large sun umbrellas.  As I proceed to the end of the deck, coffee and book in my hand, nothing on my feet, I walk down seven steps to a sandy beach.  My perfect chair awaits in the most beautiful sunrays I have ever seen.

It isn’t a big house.  Two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an open floor plan downstairs with a small office in the back.  Upstairs, a loft.  Like I remember at Kingsley’s Camp when Matt and Mike would throw stuff off the balcony at Jodi and I.   May even put in a wagon wheel chandelier! There would be two more bedrooms upstairs and a small bathroom.

Bright, airy and open. A woodstove to warm it in the Winter as this will be our year-round retirement home.  A decent size garage so my husband can putter in his early retirement years and have a place to park his motorcycle.

That’s it.  That is my daydream.  I picture it often.  It used to be by the ocean which, if I am honest, I would prefer.  But, my husband isn’t fond of the ocean, so I compromised.  If its natural water, I am ok with it!

I watched a documentary called The Secret last week.  Back in 2006, I had watched it when it was first released.  I love that stuff.  So, I had to watch it again when it popped up on Netflix.  The art of positive thinking, vision boards, Law of Attraction.  That is some pretty cool stuff, and I think it works!


You have to take steps in the right direction.  Do you think all that Hocus Pocus will lead you toward your daydream if you are watching Breaking Bad for the twenty-third time eating cheese doodles?  You need to take a step toward the goal!!

Pay off all that STUFF!  STOP BORROWING MONEY!  Put it in your pocket instead of the bank’s pocket.  Buy a lake house!!!  Buy a MUSTANG in CASH!! INVEST in your future!!!

Do you have a money problem or a stuff problem?  So…Start the Side Hustle or sell the stuff!

Dare to DREAM!!






2 thoughts on “Don’t Quit Your Debt Free Daydream”

  1. blank

    Your debt-free daydream sounds really wonderful.

    Maybe it’s because we are still in the thick of it, but I have not actually spent much time daydreaming about what the future will look like when we’re finally debt free. It still feels so far off – so much so that I wonder if we’ll ever pull it off. I try to correct that thinking quickly with varying degrees of success – maybe spending some time thinking about what life could be like when it’s all said and done will help.

    Thanks for giving me something to think about. I always love how thoughtful your posts are 🙂

  2. blank

    Thanks, Tara, so very much for your kind words. I think that a visualization is a great tool when you are in this process. Combine that with the actions you are taking and it’s a surefire way to find success. We got this! Don’t quit the daydream!!

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