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I do cash.  And I do it well! I use a cash system.

When I run out of cash, I stop.

That is how I ration out those smelly green papers we use in exchange for coffee or food. Have you ever smelled a five dollar bill?  It smells pretty bad.

Every category has a dollar amount assigned to it and when that is gone, it’s gone.   I wait until next payday to refill and I try really, really hard not to use other categories when I need to continue.

Quick anecdote…Growing up, I had a step sister who would come visit from the south for a few weeks in the summer.  My mom tells the story of a vacation where each of up got $10 to spend.  Apparently, my step sister would spend hers in the first 12 hours of vacation and I would still have most of mine when school started, months later.  It was hidden in a boot in my closet.  Apparently, I have been a hoarder…mhm…I mean SAVER for a long time.

So the wallet goes like this.  I have a Savvy Cents Wallet but really, any of the types of wallets that fit a bill in its entirety horizontally will work.  My wallet already has a number of sections but I found it just wasn’t enough so I created my own dividers with some paper, a laminator, and a label maker.  I created 10 dividers.


Groceries – This is where I stick $175 for groceries.

Eggs – We get our eggs at a local farm so I like to have my ones in here so I always have the change if needed. $8

Mine – is well…mine!  I get to do whatever I want with this money.  Starbucks, Panera, movies, Hobby Lobby (which we are not doing much of these days…unless it’s for the blog).  $40

Gas – Husband would rather use the card.  I like cash. $50

Bella – that is our sweet dog and this is for her dog food. $55

Date Night – Twice a month, we have Date Night. $75

Misc – This is for things that just come up.  Something always comes up. $50

H&H – This stands for House and Home.  it is, essentially Target. $40

Gifts – Self-explanatory.

Clothes/Hair/Rx – In case someone needs clothes, haircut, or a prescription refilled.

Those last two sections rarely get used or have money in them.  This money stays in the “bank” unless it is needed.

Too Much Cash

I have been asked before if I am ever concerned carrying all that money around.  In all of the years I have been using this system, I have never had an incident.

Now, I do need to tell you that rarely is there very much in there!  Normally, most of it is gone within a day or two of payday.


I have created these little slips of paper that I attach to my withdrawal slips for the bank teller.  They really like them and it makes getting the correct bills back a whole lot easier for all involved.  I can put the exact amount in my wallet and my sinking funds as needed.

Debit cards give me too much freedom.  I am a very visual learner and my brain needs to be aware that I am exchanging money for goods. This method has kept us from going over budget because well…you can’t send it if ya don’t have it.

Is there any other cash only gals(or guys) out there?  How’s it working for ya?












2 thoughts on “Cash System : My Wallet”

  1. blank

    I’m a money hoarder / saver by heart too!! Spending cash makes the purchase “real” whereas a debit card is less painless, and thus, I sometimes spend more. I love your system, keep up the great posts!

  2. blank

    Thanks so much. If I am going to use cash, the system must be aesthetically pleasing!

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