Budget For Beginners; Exploration Of A Debt Free Life

What is a budget?

A budget is an estimate of incoming and outgoing expenditures.  It is a BLUEPRINT for your MONEY!  Do you have a budget?

NO???  Well…

This post is for you!

Why do I need a budget?

Because YOU are the BOSS!  And you need to make your money work for you!  Do you have goals?  Retire early?  Buy a beach house?  Start your own business?   Pay for your child’s college or wedding?  Or even as simple as relieving some of the stress of having money when things come up.  Or maybe not worrying about having enough money this week for groceries.  You will have a plan.

When you know what your number look like and you step out of the dark into the light, there is a sense of control that comes with knowledge.  It is called a budget. Play with your numbers until you get a system that works for you.  Don’t forget about your goals and dreams and plan accordingly for those.

Please know that stuff happens, and things come up.  This is a process and will take you a couple of months to get right and even then, stuff will still happen and throw the budget off.  It is a budget for beginners, after all.  Keep at it.  It is worth it in the end.

I bet you wish for more money.  I bet you wish you could go on that cruise or spend Spring Break at Disney like all your friends on Facebook.  Having a budget will help those wishes become dreams because you will have a plan!  You know, a dream without a plan is just a wish.

But having a plan will help make all your dreams come true!

It is time to start a budget!!


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