Best Back To School Bargains; Not Just For Kids


It is starting.

Target is transforming their back corner into the back-to-school zone.  The back to school bargains are shining bright!  The pens and pencils, notebooks and folders, backpacks and lunch boxes are lining the shelves.

Here in upstate NY, we don’t return to school until after Labor Day.  My friend who teaches in Florida starts has kids in her classroom on August 10.  She has to report on August 2!

Back to school shopping isn’t just for the kids!  Everyone can benefit from the back to school bargains!

Late Summer is a great time to make some purchases.  Not only do you want to get what your child needs for their first day of school, but after school starts, you might want to grab all of the things you may need later in the year.

Better yet, NEXT year when they all go on clearance!

Let me repeat that.  The best prices you will find on back to school items are after all go back to school.

Back To School Items For Teachers

Consider picking up some of those clearance items for your favorite teachers as a donation to their classrooms!

I have picked up many notebooks and packs of loose-leaf paper for ten cents each.

This year, my youngest is a senior, so I am not buying anything.  For YEARS, I have had a box in the basement with extra stuff in it.  We have plenty of binders, dividers, and paper down there.

The only thing I expected to have to purchase are pens, and I just found 18 packs of the good colored pens for $4 a box!  I bought two. But, they are also my favorite also.  I enjoy colored pens and these are MY favorite!!

Great Deals On Shoes and clothes

Think of others besides those going back to school. This is an ideal time to consider new sneakers (yes, these ARE pink!) and shoes yourself!

I buy a new pair of sneakers every year at this time for me (except for this year because I am on a spending freeze.  See my spending freeze 6-month update here).

Great sales on all kinds of shoes happen this time of year. If there is something you need to pick up for your cold-weather wardrobe like a pair of warm winter boots,  consider shopping for it this time of year.

Also, consider starting your Christmas shopping during this time of year.  You can get some pretty amazing sales on clothes for cooler months, making them the perfect Christmas gift.

Socks and underwear are also a low price during back to school time!  Not only for kids but adults, too!!

Deals On Computors And Electronics

Laptops, desktops, tablets, phones. They all go on sale during back to school.  Last year at this time, I bought my MacBook and received a free pair of beats cordless headphones.

Boy, have I gotten some great use out of them!  If you are thinking about buying a new computer, this might be a great time to look into that!  I have seen some excellent prices on printers, also!

Organizational Items And Home Supplies On Sale

Not only are our littles going back to school but young adults are heading to college. This means that things like hangers, irons, mirrors, coffee makers, and so many other household items will be on sale.

Anything a new dorm room or apartment needs, you will find it on sale.  Plastic bins are a fantastic back to school bargain.  Any organizing cube, basket or box is going to be a great price!

Sale on Bed Linens

Sheets,  comforters, toss pillows, rugs, curtains will all be available for not only college students but anyone who is looking for a sale.  Towels, shower curtains, and bath rugs also!  Target has a great deal going on this week.  Their flyer is overflowing!

Good Deals On Furniture

I am referring to desks, desk chairs, and bookshelves.  I have even seen some back to school bargains on convertible furniture like futons.  I got one of those shelves that you put the fabric cubes in last year at this time.

Cleaning Supplies And Toiletries Are Marked Down

Again, think college students.  They are going to need to stock up on these back to school bargains because who knows when they will be home.

Items like laundry soap, cleaning spray, and shampoo are all going to be on sale!

Thanksgiving break is months away, and they won’t have money to buy these things!  Especially after ordering all that pizza at two in the morning!!!

Snacks On Sale

All of these prepackaged snacks are going to be on sale these next few months as well.  Proceed with caution on these and still do the math.

It might even be cheaper to buy a big bag and divide them up yourself.  By the way, reusable zip bags are also going to be on sale!

This time of the year is an excellent time for back to school bargains even if you don’t have anyone in school.  It’s time to think outside the lunchbox and expand your vision.  Everyone can benefit from back to school shopping!












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