7 Times You Should Never Go Shopping

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Spending Freeze.  Just putting this here.

Sometimes, when I go shopping, I don’t really need anything.  Have you ever done that?  Kids are fussy.  Baby needs a ride.  The toddler has “cabin fever” and needs to get out of the house.  Mom needs a Venti Salted Caramel Machiatto Frappuccino with double caramel pumps, so we all head to Target to see all the things we need and an hour later when the kids are tired and crying, and your sweet sip of heaven is gone, you get in the car and asked, “What just happened here???”  A receipt as long as the string of Christmas lights is sticking out of your purse and you swear you saw that cute bullseye dog grinning in your rearview mirror.

Remember your goals.

Here are 7 times you should never go shopping:

When you are bored.

There are so many other ways to combat boredom.  I enjoy the thought of baking cookies or reading a good book.  Maybe even find a kickboxing class to take all that aggression out when someone suggests you bake cookies.

When you come into some money.

Hold off on the shopping spree for just a moment after that big work bonus or Aunt Ruthie’s inheritance check just came in, bless her heart.  Take a breath.  Write down all the things you want to buy and then put some serious thought into it.  How will this money, no matter the amount, be a blessing to you?

While you are checking emails.

Don’t click on that link from Old Navy.  You know that it is a deal and that is what they want you to do.  Delete it.  But before you do, UNSUBSCRIBE.  You are trying to save money here!

When you are tired.

You are looking for that pick me up.  You need a gift for your sister on her 35th Birthday. If you are tired, you are just going to grab the first thing you see that she may like and not even look at the price.  This is going to lead you to overspend, within 5 minutes.  Be rested before shopping, so you are focused on the task at hand.

When you are not intentional and mindful.

Again, the task at hand.  Pay attention.  Have a plan.  You are going in for a Fathers Day gift for Poppy, and you know what you want.  Find it.  Buy it.  Leave.  Intention and mindful (and I bet its on sale)!!!

When you just had the crappiest day of your life.

You deserve it right?  The day sucked.  You spilled coffee on your skirt, that guy from accounting reamed you out AGAIN for those purchase orders (and that’s not even your job!!!), and you locked the keys in your car.  Time for some retail therapy, right?  NOPE!  Time to go home, eat ice cream and watch Gilmore Girls.  Forget about the rest of the world for a while and forget about making yourself feel better with those PERFECT blush pink skinny jeans.  Go home. Eat ice cream.  Rest.  Try again tomorrow.

When you have had a few glasses of wine.

Stay off Lululemon.  Do you even work out? You are inebriated, and your cognitive skills are impaired.  Stay off your favorite shopping sites and go to bed.  Try again tomorrow.  Trust me.  I have much wisdom.  I am talking to you; you know who you are!!!





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